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About the Whitecaps

The Whitecaps was formed about forty years ago by a group of  people (almost entirely women) who had been clients of Whistlestop's congregate meals program in Bolinas. When Whistlestop closed the program here the group decided that they didn't want to give up social benefits the program incidentally provided and they arranged for a once-a-month potluck lunch meeting. Extremely modest membership dues were charged to cover incidental expenses and a nominal rent that was paid to the Bolinas Rod and Boat Club.

Over time a few people from Stinson Beach joined and now there is a significant percentage of Stinson residents who regularly attend the lunch meetings and participate in the stretch classes.

The membership dues have not changed in more than twenty years: twelve dollars per year or any part thereof, payable in January or whenever you join. Each one participating in a lunch meeting is expected to make a small contribution to the food or drink, such as snack items for the time before dining when wine or fruit juice is imbibed, or salads or other side dishes, or dessert items. The club provides the central course (usually some sort of meat dish) and the wine and fruit juice. Supplements to the club-provided items are not discouraged.

Isolation is a serious problem for older people and it is especially pernicious in remote and dispersed areas like West Marin.  Whitecaps sole purpose is to provide social contacts for its members, nothing else, and it does that very well. Visitors and first time guests invariably remark on how lively (and noisy!) our meetings and members are. If you would like to visit us at one of our lunches then we would like you to visit. Although we are a seniors group, we don't check birth certificates. Our members range in age from mid-fifties to mid-nineties.