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Classes have been moved back to the Bolinas Community Center

              Senior Balance, Stretch, and Strength Exercises

Especially geared for seniors, this class offers balance work, body alignment, and posture techniques, as well as consistently working all the core muscles in a methodical, gentle (and even fun!) manner in a group setting. Set to beautiful, lively Latin music, the class focuses on coordination exercises, gentle movement, weight shifting (right/left changes), etc.,  all in a dance class style (instructor Anna Gottreich is a professional performer and teacher of Brazilian dance).  

Part of the class is done seated in chairs, using both upper and lower body strength exercises. Movements are modified for the particular needs of each participant, as we practice limb extensions, neck and arm/shoulder rotations and breathing techniques. Coordination exercises, so important for the mind/body connection, especially in our elder years, is a fundamental component of this class. Whether seated or standing, we learn unique choreographies, structured around  movement repetition, like coordinated 'dances',  combining  tapping or stomping rhythms with the feet with hand claps, shoulder rolls and shimmies. Because all movements are done to a determined count, shift constantly from right to left sides of the body and are repeated as sequenced movement, they involve quite a bit of focus, and go a long way towards keeping the mind sharp and body moving! Beautiful, fast-paced rhythms set the pace, though there is no pressure to go quickly, just to be aware of movement and count. 

Balance practice helps our stability and coordination, and can prevent falls. The balance work combines standing exercises which shift the weight from one side of the body to the other, holding yoga poses, and generally building strength in increments.   Standing exercises include lunges, hamstring and calf stretches, coordinated dance-style steps, with posture, spine work and above all, balance practice, with awareness of an even weight in the foot.

The exercises of this unique class target areas most important to pay attention to as we age: limbs, hips, shoulder/arm/hand articulation, agility exercises, ankle/knee, foot weight 'shifts', and hand/foot articulation. Everything is thorough: We don't just move the hand, we stretch every finger. We don't only flex a foot, we also rotate each in circles, both clockwise and counterclockwise. In short, we work all the "hinges' of the body. Participants who prefer to sit can still move with the "standers", as all the exercises are modified according to participants' abilities, but still tied to the goals of movement, stretching and strengthening. 

Please come join us in this lively and well-loved class;  Have fun, meet great friends. You'll be surprised at how much your strength and agility will improve!

Classes 11a.m. to noon at the  the Bolinas Community Center.
Consult the Calendar for current scheduled dates
Please note: Suggested class donation is $5.  All are welcome.

Feel free to contact instructor Anna Gottreich with any questions; 415-868-0697
Anna and Eileen