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Stagecoach Routes and Schedules

There are now three routes serving West Marin: Route 61, "the South Route", between Bolinas and Marin City; Route 68, "the North Route", between Inverness and San Rafael; the seasonal Route 66 between Sausalito and Muir Woods. All of the maps and schedules are too voluminous for this page but can be readily accessed by using these links:
           Stagecoach System Map    Route 61 Schedules    Route 68 Schedules    Route 66 Schedules

Handbooks and Forms for TRIPtrans

West Marin TripTrans Is a simple, convenient volunteer driver program where seniors find their own drivers and Marin Transit reimburses the mileage expenses. Arrangements for travel are made between the seniors and their own volunteer drivers. Records of travel are sent to Marin Transit each month to validate the completed travel and checks are sent to the seniors to pay their drivers. Compensation is $.40 per mile for a maximum of $400 per month.

To join this program please contact Travel Navigation at (415) 454-0902. If you need assistance finding a driver, please call our office at (415) 663-8148 ext 103.

The Handbooks explain the process and the forms are needed to register and file claims. You should download them to your computer and then print what you need ( the forms, certainly).

The Rider Handbook    The Volunteer Driver Handbook

The Rider Application Form    Mileage Reimbursement Form   Volunteer Information Form